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Weighted Stress Ball

Mini Squeeze

A weighted stress ball, reimagined. This is your pocket-sized partner against tension, anxiety, and restlessness. Soon to be your fingertips’ favorite sensory retreat for instant stress relief.

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Our tiniest tool for big breakthroughs. The perfect companion to squeeze, squish, squash, and release muscle tensions. Use it at your desk, take it on the go with you, and keep it close by for when those stressful moments arise.


  • Fidget-free focus
  • Instant Stress-Relief
  • Portable Peace of Mind

Our Mini Squeeze is also suitable for the tiniest humans and makes a great cuddle companion for ages 3+.

  • Weight: 1.5 Lbs
  • Size: 6" x 6"



Our Mini Squeeze is comprised of three key components: eco-friendly recycled glass beads for weight, polyurethane foam for cushioning, and a durable polyester outer layer. This unique combination ensures the pillow is not only effective and comfortable but also sustainable and long-lasting.

Learn more about our materials and care instructions in our FAQ.

Care Instructions


Our cover is completely machine washable! Just remove it from the Mini Squeeze, and add it to the washer.

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  • Instant Stress Relief
  • Squeezable
  • Enhanced Concentration
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Embrace Calm In Your Palm

Fidget-Free Focus

Let Mini Squeeze absorb your restless energy, turning aimless fidgets into a calming, centering activity for enhanced attention and quietude.

Instant Stress Relief

The Quiet Mind weighted pillow is small, compact, and easy to move. Bring it anywhere you may need it.

Portable Peace Of Mind

Carry Mini Squeeze wherever you go for on-the-spot, ready to soothe and settle your senses in any setting.

Find Your Best Self With A Cozy Companion

From your desk to your daily commute, keep a quiet mind close. Perfect for squeezing, kneading, or simply holding, our Mini Squeeze helps soothe the nervous system in a convenient on-the-go format!

  • Muscle Tension Relief

    Squeeze away tension; enhance relaxation and comfort with every press.

    Enhanced Concentration

    Boosts focus and attention, aiding productivity and mental clarity

    Durable & Dependable

    Built to last, offering consistent, reliable stress relief for enduring use.

  • Quick Stress Reduction

    Squeezing releases tension, focusing mind and body for immediate stress alleviation.

    Sensory Stimulation

    Provides tactile feedback, stimulating senses and enhancing calmness through touch.

    Travel Friendly

    Compact and lightweight, perfect for stress relief on the go.


The Mini Squeeze Is Your Tiny Tool For Big Breakthroughs In Focus, Calm, And Clarity.

Hold It

Hold your Mini Squeeze in the palm of your hands or on your lap as it becomes your anchor to calm.

Squeeze It

Grip your Mini Squeeze tight whenever stress strikes or when you need a moment of calm.

Quiet Your Mind

Use your Mini Squeeze daily or whenever`it feels right.

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What Our Customers Say


Frequently Asked Question

What is the Mini Squeeze?

The Mini Squeeze is our compact, 1.5lb version of a weighted stress ball, measuring 6x6 inches.

It's designed to provide on-the-go relief from stress and anxiety.

How does the Mini Squeeze work?

The Mini Squeeze provides a physical outlet for stress, tension, and nervous energy. By offering a tactile distraction, it helps promote relaxation. Squeezing the Mini Squeeze engages your muscles, focusing your mind and providing a calming effect, similar to traditional stress balls.

How can I use the Mini Squeeze?

The Mini Squeeze is versatile and can be used anywhere you need quick stress relief.

Use it at your desk, while working, in traffic, on a plane, or any place you need to calm your mind.

Is the Mini Squeeze suitable for kids?

Yes, the Mini Squeeze is great for kids! Its compact size and gentle weight make it perfect for helping children manage stress, and anxiety, and improve focus.

Plus, the gentle weight can also act as a calming companion for our tiniest humans. 3 years old and up is best.

Can the Mini Squeeze help with focus and concentration?

Absolutely! Using the Mini Squeeze can help channel restless energy, improve focus, and enhance concentration during tasks that require attention. The act of squeezing a stress ball helps relieve muscle tension, promotes relaxation, and redirects your focus from anxious thoughts. This simple yet effective mechanism activates the muscles in your hand and forearm, providing a physical outlet that can help clear your mind and maintain concentration"

How do I clean the Mini Squeeze?

Our Mini Squeeze comes with a removable cover that is machine washable. We recommend using cold water and washing on a delicate cycle. Tumble dry low or air dry for the best results.

The inner weighted part should be spot-cleaned only.

Is the Mini Squeeze portable?

Yes, its compact size makes the Mini Squeeze perfect for carrying in your bag, backpack, or even in your car, ensuring stress relief is always within reach.

What are the benefits of using the Mini Squeeze?

The Mini Squeeze provides immediate stress relief, helps reduce anxiety, improves focus, and offers a comforting, tactile experience. It's a convenient tool for maintaining calm throughout the day.

  • On-demand stress relief:
    The Mini Squeeze provides immediate stress relief by offering a physical outlet for tension and nervous energy. The act of squeezing the Mini Squeeze helps to relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation, making it an effective tool for managing stress on the go.
    • Anxiety:
      Using the Mini Squeeze can help alleviate anxiety by redirecting your focus from anxious thoughts to the physical action of squeezing. This tactile distraction helps calm the mind and reduce feelings of anxiety, providing a sense of grounding and comfort.
    • ADHD:
      The Mini Squeeze can be particularly beneficial for individuals with ADHD by channeling restless energy and improving focus. The repetitive motion of squeezing activates the muscles in the hand and forearm, helping to maintain concentration and enhance overall productivity during tasks that require attention.
Can I use the Mini Squeeze as a fidget spinner?

Yes, you can use the Mini Squeeze similarly to a fidget spinner. Both tools serve to channel restless energy, helping to improve focus and concentration. The tactile sensation of squeezing the Mini Squeeze provides a calming effect, making it an effective alternative to a fidget spinner for managing anxiety and maintaining attention.

Can the Mini Squeeze help with panic attacks?

Yes, the Mini Squeeze can help during panic attacks. Squeezing the Mini Squeeze provides a physical outlet for intense emotions, helping to ground you and redirect your focus. This action can promote relaxation, reduce the intensity of the attack, and provide a sense of control and calm.