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A huggable weighted pillow for anxiety, stress, loneliness & ADHD relief.
  • These New Weighted Pillows Are the Next Big Thing in Heavy Comfort

    Lauren Phillips

    A new collection of weighted pillows from Quiet Mind is here to provide all the soothing, comforting pressure you could ask for.

  • This Weighted Pillow Is an Essential for Relaxing in Your Home

    Medgina Saint-Elien

    At the height of the pandemic, I found myself shopping online for just about anything and everything under the sun.

  • Launch Party: The Latest Home And Kitchen Products To Try Right Now

    Sholeen Damarwala - Forbes Staff

    The weighted pillow that's smaller in size, easy to care for and perfectly designed to sit in your lap, whether you're movie watching.

  • The 2023 Men's Health Sleep Awards

    Christian gollayan and mike richard

    This simple weighted pillow is like that but for adults.

  • The Best Weighted Blankets for Calm and Comfort

    Medea Giordano | Jaina Grey

    You might be questioning how a weighted pillow could help, but this isn't for resting your head on—though it is incredibly comfortable to do so.

  • An ADHDer's Honest Review of the Quiet Mind Weighted Pillow

    Dylan M. Austin

    I went into this thinking it would be a gimmick and immediately fell in love with it.

  • The 8 Best Weighted Products for a Deep Sleep

    Gaby Keiderling

    As Goldman explained earlier, the weighted pillow is an alternative to the blanket, using deep pressure in a more concentrated form.

  • This Week in Cool Things for Kids: A Sweet Sand-Castle Mold, 40% Off a Wicker Rocker, and More

    Morgan Bulman

    If your child loves the embrace a weighted blanket can provide…

  • All The Lifestyle & Wellbeing Products We Tried & Loved In July

    Hannah Rimm

    I love how compact and huggable the pillow is and it's great for everything from meditation to watching TV.

  • 33 Best Gifts for Girlfriends That'll Make Her Feel Thoroughly Spoiled

    Daisy Maldonado

    This weighted pillow is a total game-changer in my book.

  • 68 Best Wellness Gifts for Staying Happy and Healthy

    Michelle, Alexandra(Allie) and Christie

    Not unlike a weighted blanket, this weighted pillow is soothing to whoever is holding it.

  • 20+ Soothing Products to Help You Make the Most of National Relaxation Day

    Amanda Mcarthur

    Quiet Mind's The Original Weighted Pillow is a great alternative to weighted blankets when the temperatures are high.