A Founder's Journey To A Quiet Mind

Mikey Goldman - A Founder's Journey To A Quiet Mind

Welcome to Quiet Mind, your new destination for natural, easy, and innovative mental health solutions. Founded on the belief that silencing your inner monologue is the secret to regaining control of your life, my brand is made for those who wish to reset their body and mind. I’ve spent the past two years inventing the world’s first weighted pillow — a hug-friendly, convenient, and compact weighted blanket alternative, made for those dealing with anxiety, stress, loneliness, and more.

As impressive as my weighted pillow is, it’s the beginning of the Quiet Mind impact. Based on my own experiences with severe ADHD, math dyslexia, anxiety, plus over medicating to deal with it all, this brand is a passion project in every sense of the term. It’s driven by my desire to become a resource for others dealing with stress or neurodivergence. No drugs or gimmicks, just authentic results. I can’t wait to share my values and more groundbreaking creations with the Quiet Mind community.

I love my pillow!
5 Star
“I love my pillow! Holding him instantly calms me, whether in my lap or against my core. Highly recommend for anxiety relief. Perfect for sitting anytime.”
- Sharon M

How did Quiet Mind begin?

My quest for natural, non-invasive forms of mental health treatment stems back to childhood, as I was always that kid who could never sit still no matter how hard he tried. Paying attention in class or completing homework on time was a daily struggle. Meanwhile, everyday distractions, such as a ding from the clock, could set me off in a way I didn’t understand. These intrusive thoughts were like moving targets that I couldn’t overcome, and it was an extremely isolating experience. Some of my questions were answered when I was diagnosed with ADHD and math dyslexia (dyscalculia) in high school. However, my mental health journey was just beginning.

My parents were against pills, so it wasn’t until I got to college in 2008 that I was prescribed ADHD medication for the first time. After I began taking Vyvanse, I immediately noticed major changes in myself. I could focus more effectively and complete assignments on time, while my executive function improved in a way I’d never experienced. But despite all these newfound benefits, there were also downsides in the form of nonstop, negative side effects. I was frequently dealing with “afternoon comedowns,” or ADHD medication crashes, while my sleep schedule was starting to become more infrequent. At this point, my doctor prescribed Adderall to counteract the side effect of midday crashing, which I’d take in the afternoon in addition to my morning Vyvanse.

Unfortunately, this is when things began to spiral. I’m part of the overprescribed generation that was directly impacted by the ease at which medications were handed out, and my doctor never offered natural solutions. Instead, they opted to treat the side effects of my ADHD medication (which I was never warned of) with even more drugs. I was soon taking not only Vyvanse and Adderall but also Klonopin for sleeping and Xanax for anxiety. I was also constantly moody, experiencing tunnel vision, and ruining all the relationships in my life, and I genuinely didn’t understand why. Eventually, I traced them back to the source…which was my overcrowded medicine cabinet.

Find your Weighted Pillow
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The Xanax, in particular, was a red flag for me. I’d never had anxiety before, and came to the realization that I was experiencing these feelings only due to the drugs I was taking. The side effects were overcoming me, and I knew there had to be a better way to get a hold of my ADHD. Ideally, in a natural and drug-free way.  I began my quest to wean myself off these drugs. And after a brutal withdrawal period, I eventually got off all my medications. It took years for my body to return to its natural state after overmedicating, but it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

During my recovery period, the concept of Quiet Mind just came to me. I was continuously searching for natural remedies to calm my ADHD. These include swapping out coffee for matcha, going to the gym daily, and perhaps most importantly, investing in a weighted blanket. It wasn't until I uncovered the nuisances of this incredibly popular product that the idea of the weighted pillow came to me, and the rest is history.

Never Hot or Claustrophobic
Never Hot or Claustrophobic
Easy To Move from Place To Place
Easy To Move from Place To Place
Hug it Or Let it Hug You
Hug it Or Let it Hug You

Why a weighted pillow?

Why did I create the world’s first weighted pillow? That’s easy. I was shocked that the perfect weighted blanket alternative didn’t exist — or frankly, any viable substitutes at all. So I made my own. While there’s no denying the impact of the weighted blanket market, which is estimated to reach $1.5B by 2026, there are also nuisances to consider. The blanket’s heaviness makes it difficult to carry, and some people may get stuck underneath or overheated. This product is meant to reduce your stress, not heighten it, and I aimed to create a convenient, compact substitute. A companion for your mental health journey that never got left behind…whether you’re heading from the bed to the living room, hopping on a plane, or anything in between. 

It all started late one night as I lay in bed, surrounded by pillows and struggling to pull up my weighted blanket. Suddenly, I had a crystal-clear thought: “Why not get a weighted pillow instead?” But as I typed the term into Amazon, I was flabbergasted to see that nothing came up. The search continued the next day, but even as I scoured the web, I came up short on my quest for a weighted pillow. It was both a shocking discovery and a late-night idea that I couldn’t abandon. I spent the next several weeks contemplating the idea of a prototype until I finally decided to go for it.

A weighted pillow was the tool I had desperately needed when I was a kid with ADHD. Sure, I already had stress balls for my hand. However, I just knew that this type of companion, but made for the body, would have a far greater impact. Both mentally and physically. And with millions more out there struggling just like I did, I knew I owed it to them to create the world’s first stress ball for your body. Also known as the weighted pillow. 


People deserve a natural, drug-free solution to their everyday anxieties, and now it was my job to invent it. My mission was more clear than ever… build a prototype, get funding, and innovate the ultimate companion for those like me. I wanted to build a resource for myself and others struggling with neurodivergence and mental health, and a weighted pillow was the perfect solution because:

  • Has the same benefits and science of weighted blankets, but without the pain points.
  • Allows you to feel maximum benefits condensed to one area of your body.
  • The weighted pressure increases serotonin and decreases cortisol levels to minimize stress.
  • You'll experience a longer attention span due to an increase in dopamine, a major benefit for those with ADHD or focus issues.
  • The weighted pillow delivers an increase in melatonin production, resulting in an easier sleep schedule and improved mood.
  • Simulates the sensation of being hugged, but also of hugging someone. You can’t hug a weighted blanket.
  • Hugging releases the hormone oxytocin (known as the love drug). This helps play a role in social bonding, slows down the heart rate, and reduces stress and anxiety levels.
  • Never constricts movement or airflow. It will not cause you to feel stuck or become claustrophobic. 
The Original Weighted Pillow
The Quiet Mind pillow is perfect
“Impressed with this pillow! Already a fan of weighted products, I found the blanket cumbersome. The Quiet Mind pillow, however, is perfect. Easy to move, comforting to hug, and impeccably designed. Love it!”

- Marla D

What’s next for Quiet Mind?

My primary goal for Quiet Mind has been clear from day one…to help others reach a sense of calm in the same way I have, naturally. For many with ADHD, anxiety, autism, or other forms of neurodivergence, it’s a constant battle with our innermost thoughts for basic control over our bodies and minds. It’s natural to question how we’re meant to compete with our inner monologues, which are constantly racing and refusing to be silenced. However, I set out to find a solution with the weighted pillow and continue to do so daily as we build up Quiet Mind’s selection of offerings.

The confusion, helplessness, and isolation of a mental health journey is something that I’ve experienced firsthand, along with millions more like me. Quiet Mind is fueled by my passion for helping others and preventing them from experiencing the same things I did. And I know that my weighted pillow can make all the difference. All you need to do is hold it, hug it, and quiet your mind. This is just the beginning of our journey toward mental health awareness and stress relief, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s next for the brand. Just remember…a Quiet Mind cures all.

The Original weighted Pillow

Never Hot or Claustrophobic

Easy To Move from Place To Place

Hug it Or Let it Hug You